Inspirasia’s Story

In 2002, a terrorist bomb in Bali, Indonesia, killed 202 people, among them, Annika Linden, Mark Weingard’s fiancée. Founded in 2003 as a vehicle for the personal giving of Mark Weingard, today Inspirasia is a grant-making foundation that works with organisations and provides them with both financial and non-financial support. Inspirasia is supported by businesses around the world.

The foundation was the bright light created in the darkness of the tragedy to help those affected by the bombings. Since then it has developed and grown into a leading foundation working with a number of different organizations in different countries. It has expanded to inspire others, create change and new possibilities.

What does Inspirasia do?

“What IF… donors worked hand in hand with local organizations?”

Inspirasia Foundation is dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education for marginalised communities in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malta and works with a more than money approach. By working hand in hand with local organisations and being present on the ground we are able to have more impact with the money spent, create sustainable growth and achieve social change. While also inspiring others to give, give more and give well.

Inspirasia Foundation works with professional business and philanthropic partners, to provide knowledge, consultancy and implement good sustainable business practices into the organisations we support. While also inspiring others to give, give more and give well.

Our Mission

To support local organisations both financially and non-financially to help them change lives and build capacity to be able to have more impact and long-term sustainable growth. By working hand in hand with local organisations, monitoring and evaluating projects we are able to make sure that the money spent goes further and there is more impact with every dollar invested.

To inspire business owners and executives globally to give to charity, to give more, and to give smart. By creating awareness and inspiration others can take it into their hands to be the change they want to see. By sharing best practices, knowledge, expertise and inspiring, a flame is created that is hard to put out.

Inspirasia Foundation is a non-political, non-religious foundation, officially registered charity in the United Kingdom.

“What IF… non-profits had access to more knowledge, clients, partners and resources?”

So Far…

Since 2003, Inspirasia has directed more than US$11 million to outstanding local non-profit organisations focused on core health, disability, education, and disaster relief. Inspirasia grants have reached thousands of individuals among some of Indonesia's poorest families, and tens of thousands more in India and Thailand.

This year alone Inspirasia Foundation has been actively involved with 14 hand-picked organisations that range from working with women health issues, alleviating poverty, educational scholarships and physical rehabilitation services through our grants of over US1 million and our continuous support. This resulted in making a long lasting change in the lives of thousands of people in need.

As has been done in the past 12 years Inspirasia Foundation plans to continue to reach out to more people and organisations to have effective social impact that will also inspire others to give well creating a ripple effect throughout.